10 Facebook Statuses That Will Completely Annoy Your Facebook Friends

Believe it or not, your Facebook posts tell a lot about you. You might not be aware of it but it reflects your personality, or whether or not you have mental problems. For whatever reason we love to post anything and we want our Facebook friends to know about it. Who doesn't? But behind every post, an impression about our personality is slowly revealed and will eventually lead our friends to have a different perception about us.

So you might think that your Facebook friends love your post just because they are dropping comments on your updates, think again. Stats say that these types of Facebook posts are actually ruining your personality and make your friends annoyed about you.

1. The "All About Me" posts

"Got bored so I took pictures", "Selfies before going to bed"

This falls under narcissism. These are the type of posts where people post anything about them or things related to them. "I've got a new car", "No pain no gain (posts by people while working out in gyms)", or even selfies.

You know what? You've got a serious mental disorder pal. Better get an assistance from an expert before you find yourself in a most regretful moment.

2. The Minute-to-Minute Update

"Woke up like this", "Going to bed", "ATM", and "My cute baby (Posted 5 times in daytime, and 5 times at night)".

I've unfollowed and blocked lots of my friends who can't help to post useless updates from time to time. And guess what, I'm not the only one who's annoyed with this kind of status, bet large portion of your friends are completely annoyed with you as well.

3. The Hashtag spammer

"So I stumbled upon this weird animal. #Animal #AnimalOfTheDay #Cute #WildAnimal #CutePet"

Hashtags are a great way to make your posts known my relevant people who share the same content and its verticals. But using way too many of these tags will make your post looks spammy and annoying.

Trivia: Hashtags are a set of words used to compile relevant content. A hashtag that is being used must be valid and is actually being used by other people for it to become valuable. Using long hashtags like #Ihatemylifebecauseofyou types are completely useless. You should know better Facebook pal!

4. The "I'm so greatly in love with someone" status

"You never cease you amaze me babe! No words can describe how much I love you" *posts picture of boyfriend/girlfriend*

This is where one of your friends doesn't get tired in showing off her/his significant other's picture with some cheesy descriptions and sh*t.

First off, let's get to reality. Chances are high that you will end up breaking no matter how often you show him/her to your Facebook friends. So F*ck off and chill out.

5. The political rant

"As a human rights advocate, I hate what the government is doing right now."

This is a type of Facebook status that does nothing but to rant on everything happens politically. As a Facebook user, this is one of the types of posts that I really want to get rid off my news feed. If you are complaining about your government, or you pretend to be a political expert, why not exercise your rights and take it outside Facebook? No one wants to hear what you say about Obama or Duterte.

6. The "This was taken a year ago" status

"This picture was taken last year and this was the first time we had a picture together"

So you're the kind of person who loves to post pictures that were taken since the stone age. That's fine. But you know what? Nobody really cares. So what? No matter how many old pictures you share on Facebook, it doesn't really make sense. You are just polluting your friends' news feeds that deserve more valuable updates that you're old, rusty photos.

7. The random nag

"So you think you're beautiful? Well guess what, you're face looks like sh*t!"

A person sees something unpleasant, or feel something bad about a person or stuff, says something about it then shares it on Facebook as a random post. Friends like the post, drop comments and then two days or so ago that update is already long forgotten. What did you get? NOTHING. You just wasted your time writing a post that has no significance.

8. The sympathy greed

"If you are a proud mom, copy the text and paste it to your wall and tag more"

You saw a content that encourages you to re-post it on your wall and you persuade your friends to re-post it to their wall. Ending? Your Facebook friends are not interested to join the bandwagon. Sure there are a handful of your connections that are interested to hear that you are proud of something. But still, the majority are annoyed with these kinds of posts.

9. The Bombshell

"Going to the hospital" "Lord not again *posts picture hand with dextrose*"

If anything bad happened to you, or you've been in some sort of an accident, it's really inappropriate to share it with your Facebook friends. This is not the proper way of telling your colleages and relatives that something bad happened to you. Go make a call or send them text messages instead.

10. The "convo with him" type of status

Convo with bae:

Me: I love you babe, you are the best thing that happened to me.

Him: I love you too, I will do anything to make you happy.

You recently had a cheesy conversation with your significant other, took a screenshot of it then post it to your wall.

This is the type of Facebook update that annoys everyone the most. A public display of affection that reached an insane level. Why on god damn earth would you share your conversation with your boyfriend/girlfriend publicly? What's the significance? Or are you just a poor attention seeker who has a severe mental disorder who refuse to admit it? A matured relationship is kept privately, and making your private conversation public would be one of the dumbest acts you will commit in your relationship. And for the record, guys don't like seeing their cheesy messages be shared publicly.

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