These 30 Pokemon Actually Came From Real Life Stuffs

While everyone enjoys playing Pokemon Go, there are very few who know the origin of these cute little pocket monsters. You maybe wondering if all Pokemon are based on animals, well most of them. But some of them are just based on some random stuffs.

To put all the wondering to rest, here are some of the well-known Pokemon and their real-life counterparts.

1. This will end all of the Pikachu origin debates - Pikachu is based on Thecacera Pacifica, a species of sea slug and actually has a nickname Pikachu nudibranch.

2. Vileplume is a pokemon that is based on Rafflesia Arnoldii, a species of flower found in South East Asia. It has a very strong and horrible odor of decaying flesh, earning it the nickname "corpse flower"

3. Pidgey is a Pokemon equivalent of Cedar Waxwing. A small bird that can be found in North and Central America.

4. Shellos is a Chromodoris Lochi. A sea slug living in the tropical waters of the central Indo-Pacific Region.

5. Poliwag maybe a cute pokemon, but its real-life counterpart isn't. He was based on Translucent Tadpoles. Scientists believe that it came from the family of Glass Frogs. 

6. Mudkip is based on Axolotl. Also known as Mexican Salamander, an amphibian species that can be found some lakes in Mexico.

7. Eastern Swallowtail Caterpillar inspired one of the cutest pocket monsters, Caterpie. This caterpillar is living in Eastern North America.

8. This species are found across Europe, North Africa, Asia, South America, and Great Britain. And it turns into a white Pieris rapae butterfly.

9. The furious Beedrill is based on Asian Giant Hornet. Also known as yak-killer hornets, this species is the largest in the world and can be found in tropical Eastern Asia.

10. Seaking is based on Calico Ryukin Goldfish. Calico goldfish is a rare species of Calico family. 

11. Bee Pupa inspired the infamous Pokemon Kakuna. 

12.  Sudowoodoo is a Pokemon that has no living counterpart. Some say it looks like a tree. That's obvious. But we think it looks like a German Sausage.

13. Vitreebel is a plant pocket monster that is based on Pitcher Plants. A type of  carnivorous plant that devour almost anything that falls in its pitfall traps.

14. Well it's really unclear. But Charmander looks like a Giant Chinese Salamander.  It's the closest living counterpart since dinosaurs are gone.

15. Yelloweye Rockfish is Magikarp. As are as in Pokemon World, this species of rockfish is one of the most critically endangered species in the world. 

16. Ditto, as obvious at it looks, the closest equivalent is a chewing gum. If you can find another counterpart, you're the man!

17. Black Veined White Butterfly inspired Butterfree to become a reality in the world of Pocket Monsters. This butterfly can be found in Europe, Korea, Japan, and other parts of Asia.

18. Bulbasaur may not be so rare in Pokemon, and Pokemon Go players don't have a hard time in catching it. But its real life equivalent is one of the rarest species of reptile in the world - the Elusur Macrurus.

19. Fearow is based on Anhinga Sanibel, also called a snakebird, this species can be found in warmer parts of the Americas.

20. Raticate resembles muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) a species of Ondatra native to North America.

21. Ekans obviously is a rattlesnake. No doubt. 

22. King Cobra inspired Arbok.

23. Hermit Crab is a real-life counterpart of Parasect. Hermit Crabs can be found almost anywhere.

24. Oddish is based on a radish (Raphanus sativus), a domisticated root vegetable that originated in Europe.

25. Dugtrio, this one was giving us a headache until we found the closest counterpart - Vienna Sausage.

26. There's no solid basis about it. But Machoke is a look-alike of Brock Lesnar. LOL.

27. Tentacruel is based on Blue Squid.

28. Kabutops is a Pokemon based on Praying Mantis, ambush predators that resides in every forest in the world. 

29. Why not Persian Cat? It is because Persian is not fluffy. That's why it's based on Puma. Also known as cougar, this cat can be found in some parts of Canada and Americas.

30. Psyduck, the weirdest Pokemon in the Pocket Monster world is based on Duckling. We don't know. But it just is. 

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