10 Life Saving Tips for Pokemon Go Addicts

Pokemon Go suddenly became a game changer in the world of mobile gaming. With its unique Geo-Caching feature where you can hunt and catch Pokemons real time, many people of different age turn their attention to experience the thrill of this game. And they scatter all over the place trying their luck in hunting the best Pokemon possible.

But whether you're a Pokemon Go veteran or newbie, you should always keep in mind the danger of playing this game. With that said, here's the top 10 life saving tips for all Pokemon Go players.

Don't let yourself hit by a vehicle

Pokemon Go uses real time GPS tracking and require players to walk out to find and catch Pokemon or fight other players. This may lead players to walk in a high way without noticing vehicles passing through. That risks players to get hit by a vehicle. So be mindful of your surroundings while on a hunt for your Pokemon.

Bring food and water

Hunting Pokemon might need walking long miles from home as the app requires players to walk or drive a certain distance to catch rare Pokemons. Make sure to bring enough food and water else you will find yourself collapsing in the process. Your best Pokemon won't save you from dehydration or malnutrition. Make sure you're well equipped before going out for a hunt or battle.

Beware of phone thieves

Yeah, you've got a good stack of Pokemon, but in just a blink of an eye, your phone is gone, stolen by a thief. Will your Pokemons pay for the lost of your phone? NO. So be aware while playing this game especially in public or unfamiliar places. This might not be a big problem in some well-developed countries. But the risk is undoubtedly higher for those who live in 3rd world countries like the Philippines where all kinds of thieves can be seen walking in public places waiting to pounce their victims.

Beware of private properties

When scouting for Pokemons, you don't want to get shot due to private property intrusion. No matter how rare that Pokemon is, if that sits inside a private property, you are well-advised not to enter that area otherwise you will be in a world of big trouble. And that Pokemon won't save you.

Don't play the game while driving

Playing Pokemon Go while driving will be the dumbest thing you can do. And it's more dangerous than texting while driving because you focus on the surroundings around your player, and not your real world surroundings. That puts you in a risk of hitting something or someone unaware. Much better to have someone play for you while you drive.

Keep an eye of your personal belongings

For the love of the world, don't leave your personal belongings while on the hunt. It's not worth your time if someone steals your belonging in exchange of a rare Pokemon. It would cause more harm than good if you totally lose your focus on your personal belonging while catching Pokemons. So pay a close attention to your other belongings.

Don't play while on a date

Sure you don't want your significant other turning into a beast while on a date. That said, please refrain from playing Pokemon Go while dating your loved one. It would be a huge disaster if she/he caught you hunting for while eating your lunch.

Consider having a good sleep

One of the big risks of playing Pokemon Go is to have less to no sleep at all. There have been reports that players tend to play very late at night in a quest to catch the best Pokemon. However, this habit can lead to serious health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, or even diabetes. Remember that health is more important than any Pokemon out there. So get some sleep and be healthy.

Do not travel alone

Thinking of conquering another gym? You might be wandering in an unfamiliar place. Traveling in a group is way safer than going there alone. It's not about the Pokemon, it's about your personal security. You don't want to find yourself dealing with unfamiliar faces not knowing what to do. So always travel in groups.

Plan your adventures

Above all else, always plan your adventures. Try searching for a specific area before making your journey there. If you are to wander to unfamiliar places think twice and have a solid plan. Make sure you have food and water, your personal belongings are secured, enough battery life, have someone to go with you, and have a good sleep.


These guides are not meant to improve your hunting skills in Pokemon Go. But they will surely keep you from harm's way while playing. Don't forget to remember these tips and enjoy the game!
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