Don`t Take Your Child`s Dignity Over Bad Grades: Parenting Guide from a School Principal

It's every child's nightmare to have bad grades. Most of the time it's not on the grades itself, but what their parents do to them over bad report cards. Parents often force their children to have good grades in school unaware of long term effect of this act.

In February 2016, a teen died after he was severely beaten by his parents over bad grades. This led the parents to be arrested and put to jail.

As parents, we should show love and compassion to our children even if they make mistakes in school, making them realize the consequences of their actions in a proper way. And not taking their dignity and self-confidence due to low numbers.

A school principal in Singapore made it clear with his message to the parents days before the exam takes place. The message emphasizes the importance of boosting your child's confidence after getting a low grade.

This is a simple yet powerful reminder to all parents. Bad grades is a problem that has a lot of solutions.
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