Meet the Man Who Swims the World`s Longest Rivers with Crocodiles and Piranhas

"I am different because I found a way. I don't feel any pain anymore". 

Uttered by the man who holds 5 Guinness World Records and loves swimming around the world - even with crocodiles and piranhas.

Michael Phelps maybe the Olympic record holder in swimming. But he's nowhere near this man who loves to swim the longest and most dangerous rivers in the world.

Meet Martin Strel, a 62-year old Slovenian professional long-distance swimmer who holds Guinness World Records for swimming the Danube River, Mississippi River, Yangtze River, Parana River, and Amazon River.

His most notable swim was in Amazon River which is infested Crocodiles and Piranhas. His advocacy is to raise awareness about water pollution.

In March 2016, he embarked on his journey to swim through 107 countries in 450 days.

"Water kills people usually. But not me".

"So, Michael Phelps, what's the difference between me? He is not a Marathon Swimmer. He's not ready for the Amazon because he's too skinny"

On this video, witness how an overweight, 62-year-old man managed to pull out something that left the world astounded.

At the age of 62, Martin Strel still swims like no one else does.

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