Lexy Panterra Will Surely Give You a Booty-Shaking Good Time With Her New Video

Who ever said 'white girls can't twerk' needs a bullet between the eyes.

She is the complete opposite of Lateysha Grace who made the biggest twerk fail on live TV. She's even hotter than any celebrities out there. Meet the twerking sensation Lexy Panterra, who put twerking into an insane level. Even Nicki Minaj is nowhere near her hotness and twerking.

With the release of her original single, "Used to Know" From The Las Vegas Strip, Lexy shows how hot she is by twerking in a tight yoga pants.

Before this video, Lexy already released stunning videos of her twerking everywhere - Even in front of Las Vegas public. Since then, her Youtube videos garnered millions of views and thousands of mixed reactions from netizens.

So whether or not you like twerking, this video will surely go beyond every viral videos you've ever watch.

Additional Tip: Pause at 1:05 and you will be amazed!

This video may not be a NSFW, but it's safe to hide it from your boss!

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