Big List of Hilarious Donald Trump Memes

Just as when U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump declared his interest in running for the highest position in the United States, Americans went totally insane. Some think Trump is losing his mind, others think he can make big changes in America - especially kicking Muslims and Mexicans out of the country.

If you think you've seen enough stupidity from this man, wait til you see these hilarious memes scattered around the internet. Brace yourself for some hilarious  Donald Trump memes!

1. If you can't take on Megyn Kelly, send her to fight ISIS.

2. Maybe he needs to win 99 more presidential polls to finally win the presidential race.

3. Make it Five and abolish same sex marriage!

4. He will treat the U.S. Economy as if it was his hairstyle. If it grows bad, cut it!

5. What he really means is that "don't mess with my f*cking hair".

6. You're fired puto! 

7. You definitely need Israel for that. 

8. And Orange will be the national fruit of the United States.

9. Especially when you run for president.

10. They pay taxes too.

11. Bill O'Reilly Proves God

12. What about the rich Islamist terrorists?

13. "Bi*ch, be cool!"

14. Meet Doggald Trump.

15. Are you voting for Trump like Doggald?

16. I said Israel you idiot!

17. Therefore, the poll results came from retarded people.

18. Except the rich ones of course.

19. Bad luck Mr. Donald Trump.

20. Retarded Margarine.

21. Nothing is more painful than this.

22. Most terrifying, stupidest, and funny words to be spoken.

23. He spent billions on his skin tone.

24. Explain before I blow your sh*t off.

25. Being a Muslim isn't bad. Just no bacon anymore.

26. I hope it's not Iron Man who wants Donald Trump to be president.

27. Every strand costs a billion dollars.

28. He also wants Mexico to take care of his hair.

29. Disagree. It's because of his hair.

30. Muslims, Mexicans, and other non-American people, you have enough time to hone your hiding skills. You'll need it against Donald Trump. 

31. That's why he wants his hair to become endangered specie.

32. Or maybe inside his plane.

33. Or make them work for your wall.

34. Therefore China is raping his products.

35. It's time for America to become terrorist to the Muslims.

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