20 Photos That Will Remind You of Kim Kardashian`s Man-Made Booty

If there's one person who can literally break the internet, it's Kim Kardashian. Her popularity is incomparable to other American socialites. Even before the world recognize her, she never stopped being famous. It doesn't matter if she earned her fortune by sleeping with different rich black guys. The whole point is she is so rich that she even bought one of the biggest butts on earth.

Her popularity is so huge that even baboons imitate the way she bobs he ass. And she literally broke the internet that users remember her when they see images that looks like her butt - Even a tomato.

So to satisfy everyone's craving for Kim's precious man-made booty, we show you 20 images that represent her buns.

1. That Baboon does it perfectly.

2. It can also fit to anything.

3. Take that Kim Kardashian!

4. Kim Kardashian cookies anyone?


5. When she bends over wearing tight white pants.

6. Breaking the fence.

7. When she bends over wearing nothing..

8. This tomato beats the baboon.

9. Kim Kardashian tree spotted.

10. After she paid someone to buff her buns.

11. Peter Griffin is a big fan.

12. This is Kim's bottom. Real life size.

13. This is Hulk's former butt, now Kim owns it.

14. Even potatoes can now break the internet.

15. This is what her booty will look like 40 years after.

16. Even Mushroom can break the internet.

17. This grape nailed it.

18. Even a rock can participate.

19. Holy Bonsai!

20. That butt chin.

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