Big List of Most Funny and Ridiculous Whisper App Confessions

If you think your life sucks that you have the most horrible and disgusting secrets ever known to man, you might want to stay back and relax for a moment and see the worst from Whisper App. This app allows users to post anonymous messages and get replies from anyone, thus allowing them to post their secrets without disclosing any of their personal identity on the app. This gives everyone the chance to tell the world the messiest, most horrible, and funny confessions they never told to their friends and colleagues.

Whisper App allows people to expose their funny, ridiculous, and shocking confessions on the web.

Here are some of the most ridiculous secrets Whisper App users revealed.

1. What a caring person you are..

2. Not so ridiculous right?

3. Your teacher must be so proud of you.

4. Why you didn't make her one of the characters?

5. Then go back and confess that pal.

6. Wishing you a good luck in keeping that secret.

7. Oh, you better do it fast girl.

8. Heart-breaking isn't it?

9. So? What's wrong?

10. One word: DISGUSTING.

11. Women naturally smell good anyway..

12. I salute you for living with it for 8 years.

13. They must be chilling right now.

14. You will be featured worldwide dude.

15. No one dies of weed. So just go on.

16. Best business location eh?

17. You gave them the greatest wedding gift.

18. That's long been known. But still good to know.

19. Great way of breaking up..

20. Everyone wishes they were him.

21. If I was your student, I would cut your head off.

22. Oh really?

23. Well that's awful.

24. That Awkward dates.

25. Now this is both weird and funny.

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