This Man Proved That Crocodiles Can be as Friendly as Cats

The tales about crocodiles prove that these prehistoric reptiles are known for being aggressive and dominant animals. Driven by survival and territorial instincts, they are designed to kill to thrive in this ever changing world that even their own kind is not exempted to be a victim of their killer jaws.

That, and other distinct attributes put crocs on the top of the food chain, possibly on top of humans. 

But this story of "Chito" and "Pocho" might change the way people look at crocodiles. 

One afternoon in 1989, in Parismina River, in Limón province, Costa Rica, Gilberto “Chito” Shedden stumbled upon a dying croc who had been shot in the left eye by a farm owner. Chito did everything to restore the then baby crocodile back to its normal condition. Day and night he watched over the helpless reptile and searched for the best possible ways to bring back his strength. 

It took him three years of continues nurturing and feeding until the croc is back to its normal condition. Chito was able to penetrate the forbidden boundary between humans and reptiles.

And that's when the story that inspired and shocked the world began. 

Video Source: DadoTheGoodVillain

In October 2011, Pocho died of natural death. The whole village joined the funeral.
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