This Artist Prepares for Halloween Like no Other Artists on Earth

Who would have thought that an artist who loves desserts would come up with something strange? Los Angeles-based multi-talented artist Christine H McConnell is a big fan of photography and baking. And her passion for making creepy-designed cakes and cookies has reached a whole new level. This upcoming Halloween, she came up with a very strange idea - turn her parent's home into a many-eyed monster.

Using foam-core boards, she created creepy eyes and teeth that turned the stately decorated house into a horrifying Halloween attraction that spared no expense.

She likes creepy designs. She even do this to her cakes.

Don't ever ask how she convinced her parents.

She's an artist with a weird but wonderful taste.

It must be fun being neighbors with Christine McConnell.

"I decorated my parents house for Halloween"

Remember what movie this house kinda look like?

Being neighbors with Christine, you might find it quite common to see these kinds of dramas. But for those who don't know her, it may be a disturbing scene to witness. But Christine has built a unique persona through her works. She makes nothing but cool projects none of us would even think to try.

To see more of Christine H McConnell works, you may visit her website at or follow her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.
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