This BANNED Budweiser Commercial Will Certainly Give You a Hard Laugh From Time to Time

Whether or not you are a Budweiser fan, you can't deny the fact that they have came up with the most ingenious commercials ever especially the ones that are used in Superbowl. Those commercials didn't fail to evoke emotions in social media and was able to lure the attention of internet users around the world. One of the most viewed is entitled "Puppy Love" which delivers a message that friendship has no boundaries. 

But this one commercial may be the worst or we should say funny in some sense. That if I was on that office, my paycheck would be in that magic jar for some badass Bud Light. And I'm 100% certain that if this commercial was still available on TV, it would give people a hard laugh and you probably say "We need one of these at work!".

Watch the video and share to those who badly need a good vibe!

Video Source: MrFi5ter
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