20 Cats Who Chose to Be Cozy in Their Own Ways

Cats are living pieces of art that never fail to make us happy and fill us with overflowing joy. Sometimes they act stupid, they show us a different level of intelligence, their ability to move like ninjas amazes us, they make us wonder, and a lot more. Whatever these creatures do, it all comes down to one thing: we love them. And there's just no explanation needed to justify that.

Sometimes, they make things that no other pets can do - to tuck in everywhere they want. And these 20 photos of cozy looking cats in unusual places will give you a clear idea that these animals are so epic.

1. Go find some place to throw your trash..

Reddit / panterspot

2. You are one flip away from disaster my friend...

Reddit / rough_lovely

3. Thanks, at least you are not a disturbance...

Reddit / Physi-Marc

4. Cat burrito anyone?

Reddit / Teeny_t-rex_arms

5. We are eating fried fur tonight.

Reddit / WinterOfFire

6. This is how he defines comfort..

Facebook / Nothing but Kitty CATS

7. Good thing you're a cat. Otherwise, your boss will kill you

Cute Overload

8. Even the best yoga instructor will not beat this bad-ass cat.

Reddit / deviantbias

9. How about a little fur on my coffee?

Reddit / Shannyishere

10. Just give me the game I want and you can sleep there all day long..

Reddit / zoodiary8

11. No magician can ever beat this cat in the box.

Reddit / ramm

12. I guess he knows how often I leave the house.

Reddit / YessMartinez

13. Okay. you interrupted my cleaning..

Cute Overload

14. You will serve as my headlight tonight.

Flickr / Chris Gilmore

15. I still like the one on the boots...

Reddit / am-i-ginger

16. The question is, how will you get out of that?

Reddit / meantofrogs

17. The rules don't work on cats..

Facebook / Nothing but Kitty CATS

18. How the heck did you get your thumbs?!

Reddit / unicornchild

19. Wait until you're dry then get out!


20. Perfect definition of cozy

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