This American Family Embraced A Lion To Become Their Pet

Lions are among the most viscous carnivores in the wild. They are highly territorial and will do everything to protect their pride and territories - even if it takes to kill their own kind. Their reputation has put them on the top of the food chain.

But what if a human tries to pet one of these fearsome mammals? This American family has proven it is possible. These images show that even the most ferocious animal can be tamed and become a part of our home.

They even allow the lion to sneak into their closets or sleep in the living room. Freely.

This is the luckiest lion ever.

What does it feel to lean back against a lion while reading?

They even let their big pet put his jaw to their kids while playing. Good lion he learned how to control the weight of his bites.

He even learned to wake the kids up in the morning.

Or become a big obstruction in the kitchen

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