A Touching Obituary from a Dying Mother that will be Remembered Forever

The battle against cancer is perhaps one of the hardest and harrowing challenges one could ever encounter. Few are those who come out winner, but lots of people fall short to this disease. One of them is Seema Jaya Sharma.

Her 6-year battle against this relentless illness finally came to conclusion as the cancer being the winner. Seema lost the battle and succumbed to the disease, but what she left really touched the hearts of many people.

Moments before she past, and knowing that the chance for survival is lost, she decided to leave an obituary on her Facebook account - one that no one would expect a dying cancer patient would do.

She never let cancer ruin her life to the highest extent. She even pursued her dream and didn't let the illness hinder her from doing the things that she wants.

Her friends loved her positive spirit despite the fact that she was in a hard battle.

She brought so much joy to her friends even in hard times.

But after 6 years, the cancer finally took a toll on her and she passed away. However, her positive spirit still thrived, and even in the end, she didn't fail to make people smile.

Below is her final words on her Facebook account before she passed away.

My mum passed away today at 14:10and she wrote this as her final status….she wanted her last words to be 'I got...

Her mother also shared her thoughts about Seema's story and how it touched the lives of many people. She also added that she will publish her daughter's book entitled ‘My journey through cancer, The Essence’:

To all of Seema’s friends and family on Facebook.This is Seema’s mum - I wanted to share with you my feelings of how...
Posted by Seema Jaya Sharma on Thursday, August 27, 2015
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