Funny: Slingshot Ride Claims Another Victim, the Guy Goes Full Retard

I've seen a lot of funny reactions while riding the slingshot, but this one is super epic that it made me watch the video literally ten times. The best part is when the guy is trying to hold his girlfriend's hand when the ride suddenly went off making him act like he is being raped by ten demons.

And for the courtesy of the viewers, here's what happening to the guy while the slingshot goes up and down:

1:10 initial signs of possession
1:17 itching his demon infested mind
1:21 again attempting to itch out the demon
1:27 tries to force demon out by vomiting
1:35 itches out the last of the demon
1:45 screams most the demon out of him
2:00 the possession of the demon has ended

Video Credit: BuzzGags
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