Motivational Quotes are No Match to These 25 Cardinal Rules of Life

Motivational quotes, inspirational stories, and professional life advise help us to improve ourselves in every aspect of our lives. In fact, some these things are being told to us a thousand times before. They also empower us to go beyond our limits in achieving our goals.

As I scour the internet to find the best possible advise to compile, I stumbled upon the "7 Cardinal Rules of Life" which immediately caught my attention. It's a compilation of short but powerful texts that teach us how to live our lives. After reading, I ended up looking for more, and that led me to write my own version of "Cardinal Rules of Life". This is just the addition to the first seven and I believe it just makes the list more comprehensive and powerful.

1. Be disciplined. Because whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid - We've seen a lot of well-disciplined people went the extra miles in life. Because it's the intangible treasure that leads us to be more calm when doing things.

2. Be mindful of your reputation. For a good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold - People forget the material things about you especially when you're gone. But your reputation will be remembered forever.

3. Be Persistent. When knowledge and ability aren’t enough, be persistent - It doesn't matter if you have the ability to do things. Persistence brings the best out of you you.

4. Don't Smoke. It will kill you earlier than expected - It's a no brainer. You will definitely be dead 2 or 3 decades earlier.

5. Don't blame others for your mistake. Or else you are looking for more problems than solutions - Generally, blaming others does no good. The thing goes when you do something wrong.

6. Don't compare your life to others and don't judge them for you have no idea about their journey in life - Comparing yourself to others does no good. You will only end up losing. Every person in this world walks in different paths.

7. Don’t make decisions when you’re angry and don’t make promises when you’re happy - Decision making should be made with caution. Making decisions because of emotional burst will only lead to failure. And promises should be made with full of commitment. Immediate promises are more likely to go in vain.

8. Drink more water. Because it softens your poop - It is scientifically proven. Besides, water does magic to our body. If your body lacks water, you'll sh*t bricks.

8. Forget about style; worry about results. For everything will be measured at the end of the line - As the old folks said, it's not about how you started, it's about how you ended. And everything that begun in stylistic fashion won't necessarily end the same way.

9. Guard your heart. For everything you do comes from it - It is what you do that defines your heart. And keeping it clean from bad deeds will help you to be a better person.

10. Help others. Helping others is a cure. Not just for those who are in need, but for your soul as well - It does not require us to be wealthy or powerful to help. Helping others with all our best helps restore humanity.

11. If the road is easy, don't continue your journey. It will lead you to destruction - No race is easy. And the road to a successful journey is never easy. So don't fake yourself in finding an easy road.

12. Listen. You have been given two ears and one mouth; use them proportionally - Great people are great listeners. If you want to be one, better practice good listening.

14. Love your parents. Because they will be your first and last resort - Whatever happens, your parents will still be the ones to pull you out of trouble. They are your mightiest defenders.

15. Make peace with your past. So it won't spoil your present - There's so much things in the present and future to be dealt with. So don't waste your time with your past. There will be times that you may take a glance at it, but that's it. Your present is what matters the most.

16. No one is in charge of your happiness. Except you - You are responsible to your actions. Basically you are in control in everything you own in life. Even your happiness. So don't find happiness to others.

17. Only pack what you can carry yourself. Life has more to offer than what's inside your backpack - Sometimes, we are overwhelmed with the things we own in life, and that often lead us to eat more than we can chew.

18. Slow down. You are more likely to get things right - Nothing good comes from rushing things up.

19. Smile You don't own all the problems in the world - Smile is more contagious than any other element in life and it is proven to invoke the feeling of happiness. So don't stress yourself out and smile!

20. Stop thinking too much. Sometimes not knowing the answer is better  - It has been proven by experience that right answers come when you least expect it. So if you think you can't get the answer now, just relax and it will come to you when the right time comes.

21. Time heals almost everything. Give it time - You probably heard the the saying "Time heals all wound". That's true. Though, it's not that time will heal everything literally. But it will help us live with the scars from the past.

22. Time is the one thing you never get back. Use it wisely - Time ticks whether you want or not. It never stops even if you are doing nothing. So make use of your time wisely while you have it. Because it will never get back to you once it is spent.

23. Watch the way you speak. For a gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger - Even a single word can either lift up a broken spirit or kill a man. So watch the way you speak. Much better to use wise words than foul ones.

24. What others think of you. Is none of your business - Actually, it feels good to know someone doesn't like you for some unknown reasons. It just makes life difficult for them. Other people's thoughts are not your concern.

25. Work Hard. Because being lazy is the easiest way to poverty - Nothing good comes from being lazy. Period. So if you ever thing of having a good life, you better start working hard. It's a great feeling to reap the fruit of your labor.
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