18 Weirdest and Funniest Women Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Women are perhaps some of the most mysterious creatures to ever walked the earth. If you think that's what separate them from men, these 18 weird facts will tell you something more than you know about women. Sourced from different studies and websites across the internet, here are the 18 weirdest woman facts that will definitely blow your mind!

1. Are you ready to challenge them?

This study proves that women speak more words than men in a single day. That's true. They outnumber men by 13,000. So if you hear your lady speaking non-sense stuffs, just wait til she reach 20,000 words.

2. Don't worry it's not a shocking fact. It's actually normal.

Don't be too shocked about this, it is just the highest rate ever recorded in the United States according to CDC. Although it's still high, statistics show that the number is now declining. So don't worry, America will not be the land of unmarried preggies, for now.

3. Remember that story when the CEO of WSJ responded on a desperate woman's search for a rich husband?

Behind every successful man is a blood-sucking woman who's ready to inherit his wealth.  Forbes says it loud and clear.  Currently, the richest woman in the world is Christy Walton who inherited her wealth from his late husband. But lemme' tell you Mrs, Walton, better get ready to be dethroned by Mrs. Melinda Gates or Astrid Menks (Warren Buffett's spouse).

4. Even if she's ugly as hell

That's one of the main reasons why cosmetic companies love women! According to a research, 1 out of 3 women will not leave their house without wearing makeup.

5. Are you beautiful?

Dove's social mission campaign proved that there's only a handful of woman in the world who consider themselves beautiful. That relates to number 4 fact. They use a lot of cosmetics for them to be considered beautiful. Those poor ones who can't afford such things don't consider themselves.

6. It's the manufacturer's fault

It's every woman's struggle to find a correctly fitted bra because of many different factors. Significant weight change is one of the main reasons. That's why a lot of women prefer not to wear bra when at home.

7. It's because women's hearts are smaller than men's

According to Dr. Christopher Magovern, the average beat per second rate for women is 78 beats/minute while the average heart rate of a man is 70 beats/minute. Does that correlate to number 1 fact? Might be.

8. Believe it or not, it's part of their population control

It doesn't matter if you are a very successful or educated woman, if you are in China, and are still unmarried in your late 20's, you are called a "LEFTOVER" or Sheng Nu.

9. Want to consider selling lipstick? 

And large chunk of their spending goes to cosmetics. That's why they love to find rich husband or lucky enough to be the daughter of a rich father.

10. She's often regarded as the first computer programmer

It's something that women should be proud of. Ada Lovelace was the first woman to ever worked on Charle Babbage's mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine.

11. They can kill a man, but they can't kill a wasp

If your girlfriend is mad at you, just let a wasp or cockroach get into her and the fight will immediately shift from between the two of you to two of you against an insect.

12. That's why most of them love to wear it instead of putting it in their heads.

So women before you blame somebody for your misplaced sunglasses, don't forget to check your god damn heads.

13. They are more adept. So don't give them reasons to cheat.

According to researchers, women are more adept than men when it comes to switching quickly between different tasks. So if being a girlfriend is a task, don't test their ability to switch from being loyal to being cheaters.

14. Don't panic if you see your lady's closet all messed up. 

It's fundamentally important to women according to a spokesman for clothes giant Matalan. And they spend an eternity to decide what to wear.

15. They also forget their rightful place in an argument.

It relates to number 12 fact. They love to organize things.  But they don't know how to remember it moments later.

16. And that's why women is destined to inherit their husbands' wealth because they live longer

According to a study, the rate of decline of most T-cell and B-cell lymphocytes was faster in men. So if you think you always have the edge over a woman, you better be prepared because at the end, they will still prevail.

17. Just like how they think about men

So if you are going to endorse a new brand of beverage to your girl, your effort will all come in vain. They taste the same as the other beers.

18. Her name was Nujood Ali

Her story can be read here
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