This 16-year Old Pakistani Becomes the Youngest Dota 2 Player to Become a Millionaire in Esports


He no longer have to sell his bike to play DOTA 2.

It is very evident that Esports popularity is growing by leaps and bounds as teenagers and young professionals alike start to recognize online gaming as a major part of competitive scenes - including a then poor boy from Pakistan who now the youngest player to surpass $1 Million in Esports earning.

Syed Sumail "Suma1L" Hassan has recently bagged a staggering $1,639,867 as his cut of the total $6,634,661 prize his team Evil Geniuses won at the DOTA 2 International Championships in Seattle, USA after defeating the Chinese powerhouse CDEC Gaming.

(Watch the video below as EG defeats CDEC)
Video Credit: DOTA 2 Esports

Sumail started playing DOTA at the age of 8. He immediately began playing in North American Elite League upon his arrival in the United States. He was considered as the one of the top players in the North American Scene, that opened the gates of opportunity for him to play for Evil Geniuses.


At age 15, he helped EG in bagging $1.2 million by winning the Dota 2 Asian Championships in China on February 2015.

Before making it to stardom, Sumail was a subject for criticism and Esports patrons began to question whether he deserved a roster spot on a team like Evil Geniuses because he was not a tested player and had no experience in any major LAN tournaments.

After winning the Dota 2 Asian Championship with Sumail's outstanding performance, everything has change for Sumail. He served as the team's driving force in winning and placing high in major tournaments through out the year.

And in August, the dream of a 16 year old kid came true as Evil Geniuses hailed the 2015 International Champions in Dota 2 with a prize pool of $18,429,613 making it the largest tournament in Esports history.
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