7 Things I Realized While Working in a Professional World as a College Drop-out

As the new school year rolls out, I suddenly remembered my short college days. It's been six years since I was force to take a lay off due to financial crisis and other circumstances that ended my college days. It's still vivid to me when someone made a vow to bring me back to school that made me wait for a year to no avail. Realizing my life would not progress if I just stand and wait, I pushed through without any idea what's ahead. After a lot of ups and downs during my job hunting days, I finally landed on one of the most promising professions that a "college drop out" would never imagine he/she may acquire.

Six years have passed and I am now enjoying the life of a real professional in Digital Marketing world. As I reminisce the things that happened in the past, there are few things that I realize being a college drop-out:

Education is Good. But it doesn't give you the idea of the "real world"

One year after I got the job, I met my old friends from college who were still studying. They had no idea on the journey and challenges that they were about to be faced and it was really an eye-opener to me that years of schooling won't really give you the idea of what's ahead. It's like you-know-it-when-you-get-there thing and it's no wonder why there are lots of fresh graduates who ended up working outside their acquired "school knowledge" or worse, jobless.

Companies don't really care where you graduated 

Not all. But most of them. They pay attention to the skills and work ethic that you possess. In my case, tech companies don't pay attention to my education anymore. If they find me qualified despite having a thin educational profile, they still offer me the job. If you are thinking of pushing your ass in an expensive and prestigious university, you may want to think twice before wasting your parent's hard-earned money.

The society is jailed in you-need-to-finish-your-study thing

Especially in professional world. They look upon those undergrad folks as if they are liabilities to the society. It's a sad truth. Finishing your studies is a great achievement. But most people perceive education as a saving grace and will give them the "nice life" they dream of. Most people are raised to think that success comes through education and a job that leads through pile of promotions. I'm not saying that it's completely false, but for me (as a one semester finisher) - it's a complete bullsh*t.

School achievements won't define your career

Sure, you won some big awards when you were in college, but it doesn't mean it will open a door for big opportunities when you enter the professional world. When companies are looking for qualified applicants, school achievements are not recognized. You and the other applicants will sit on the same table, will take the same test, and land on the same position that is available. If you failed the interview, you're screwed regardless.

College drop-outs are less fearful in trying something new

I have no exact basis or reasoning to back this up, but my personal experience tells it all. I love testing the waters - sometimes with my two feet. I failed twice in business, but I kept on moving forward. In fact, I am now on my way to trying something new in my career and business journey. Most college graduates are contented with what they have in their life, particularly in their careers. They don't like the idea of going against the flow, or curving their own way to success.

And because I always think I have nothing to lose, it doesn't bother me to try and learn something new. Besides, we are all going to die. So why not make the best of yourself while you can?

Defying the rules has become the name of the game for me

The society says you need to finish your studies if you want to have a successful career and "good life". At some point it's true. But what if I show you my profile with years of experience in handling multiple businesses across different industries around the world BUT DON'T HAVE THE EDUCATIONAL PROFILE YOUR COMPANY REQUIRES? You may want to think twice before rejecting me.

The point is, I learned to defy the rules in both employment and business. It always thrills me to go against the flow and follow what I think is better. Being a college drop-out doesn't hinder me to do the things college degree holders do. I learn the things they learn, I communicate the way they do, I managed to learn the things they learned in school (Google is better than any other universities in the world).

Opportunities do not end to those who didn't finish college

Well opportunities are always endless. It's just that when the society is locked upon a certain perception that hinders an individual to think freely, the problem comes in. Opportunities don't end regardless. If you missed one, you get another. If you think they don't come to you, make a way for them to come towards you. It's just a matter of whether or not you respond properly to every circumstances that happen in your life. So if you are one of those unlucky college folks out there, start curving your own way to success. You have the same amount of opportunities like bachelors degree holders do.

I am not saying that education is not good at all. In fact, statistics prove that success rate of those who have finished their studies is still higher than those who did not. If you have the resources to go to school, then pursue it. However, it's also goes to prove that school knowledge is not enough to bring us to the pinnacle of success.

For my case, I honestly lost the interest to go back to school after my success in digital marketing. And I would like to encourage, my fellow college drop-outs that if I can compete, you can too.
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