6 Reasons Why We Need to Leave the Urban Life for Vacation

We all know that taking a vacation has tons of benefits. There are lots of information across the internet about how taking a break can boost a person's mental and physical health. In my case, I find vacation as a way to explore more things and do stuffs that are far different from what I usually do in my normal lifestyle. I still make myself busy 'cause I'm not a fan of sleeping-all-day types of vacations.

And when I was away for my three-day-two-nights leave, I realized there's more in taking a break than relaxing and sleeping all day. Here are some of the reasons why we need to leave the urban life for a vacation.

It helps us forget the stress of city life -  I got tired cleaning our fish pond, and walking the vast rice field in our small town in the province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines. But it actually replenished me and forgot that I have a lot of work loads ahead. I realized that there's a big difference between urban and rural hassles.

Get rid of toxicity of internet and other technology - As an internet marketing consultant and blog author, I spend almost 80% of the day surfing the net, analyzing market trends, and searching non-sense shits. Internet and other technologies make our lives easier, but they can also be the source of toxicity and stress.  Leaving the urban life, I did not open a single email, Facebook account, and other social media properties. I just enjoyed the fresh air, food, and other rural activities while on leave.

It opens the door for other opportunities - As I walk beside the pond, ideas strike fast in my mind. Now I am thinking to invest in a fishery business where I can use the pond as one of my resources. Taking a vacation is not only for relaxing purposes, it can also be a great tool to think something valuable.

Food, food, and food - We rarely get to eat fresh veggies and other healthy meals in the city. Most of the time, it leaves us no choice but to eat in fast food restaurants or open a can of sardines and other processed foods to fill our empty tummies.  By taking a break, we have the opportunity to eat fresh-from-the-farm goods and get rid of artificial preservatives that may harm our health in the long run.

Live longer - It's a no-brainer that if you don't take a break, you will die of too much stress. Yes I got tired of doing unusual stuffs when I was on leave, but that actually helped me to boost my health since I don't do too much physical activities that burn fat on regular days.

Improve relationships - Part of my vacation is to celebrate my grandma's 70th birthday. I was with my mom, dad, and brother. It was one of the happiest family bonding ever 'cause we don't bond too often because of my job. You may be going in a vacation with your loved ones or visiting a relative in a province, either way you are boosting your relationship with them.

My Advice

Give yourself some space to breathe fresh air, meet other people and indulge yourself in a foreign culture that can revitalize your spirit. Taking a vacation doesn't need to be expensive. As long as it can replenish you, boost your motivation, inspires you, and make you more productive, go for it.
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