5 Things Guys Should Not Do When Confronting a Mad Girlfriend

I will never forget a scene from one of NatGeo's shows about wildlife where a man thought he could tame a wild and mad lion by luring it with a meat. Turned out the lion was so hungry that it even bit the man's hand causing a very large wound and a lifetime trauma. The scene that was expected to be a great one turned devastating - the same thing could happen if we are not careful in confronting our mad lady.

Let's be honest, guys don't want to see their girlfriends mad. At least not in a very strange way. But there are times that things seem to happen with no f*cking reasons at all - especially with girls. Women are some of the most mysterious creatures that ever walked the earth and that alone is enough to consider when dealing with their anger. Most importantly when they are mad at us. That said, here are some of the most important pointers that we must not forget or do when talking to them when they are at the peak of their rage:

Reason out

One rule of thumb. Don't reason out unless you are very sure of what you are about to say. One wrong word and they will surely fly a f*cking plane into a building or cast all the deadliest curses upon you. When women are angry, they don't want any arguments. Even a single word or action than seems to defend ourselves from their wrath. Sounds so weird and unfair, all we can do is to take all shots at us and then make a sweet and loving revenge - cuddle, kisses, hugs, chocolates, flowers, and all possible resources to calm the storm. If succeeds, the great reward awaits you - SEX.

Believe on everything they say

When they say "get out of my face", don't do it. Stay. If you do, you'll find yourself in a very regrettable situation. It's a trap. It's a reverse psychology that means stay until she gets better. It's a case to case basis but can be applied most of the worst times. When they get mad, everything just go backwards and you might want to follow the flow to avoid getting kicked in the ass.

Solve the unsolvable

She's angry because of the unknown things you've done and then cast a deadly magic spell upon you leaving you scratching your skull thinking "WTF have I done wrong?!". With all your might, you managed to pull out the nerve to ask her "what's wrong baby?" and then the genocide (I say genocide because guys are always losers to this) far worse than any other in the history emerges.

The only way we can deal with this is to stay quite and admit everything and apologize. Sometimes the things we think are the solution to the problem are the ones that cause more conflict. Never mind the reason. When women are mad, reasons don't exists. Therefore, don't seek something that is non-existing. Just follow the flow, baked her a cake, buy her chocolates and flowers, and pray that everything will come back to normal.

Say something that will start a new argument

Women are very good finding loopholes on everything we say or do when they are mad. I would say all girls have this very unusual, and annoying talent that sometimes render us defenseless. Don't for the love of God say something that will spark a new argument. Men are good in diverting women's attention into something for them to forget the things that they are mad at, or at least, lessen the damage that's about to be done. But it's a different story when the subject is between them and us.

The best thing to do is to stick to the subject and repeat it time after time and be careful in choosing the words to say. The phrase "why you always mad?" sounds better than "you are a nagger". One irrelevant phrase or sentence can surely bring the argument to the next level.

Do Nothing

Above all, this is the most annoying in the eyes of a raging girlfriend. she got mad at you, she cursed you, find all possible resources to make you leave your territory, and finally the white flag has been waved as a sign of surrender. Whatever happens, girls always want a hug and kiss after all. This is one of the weirdest girlfriend logic that sometimes annoys guys. But instead of scratching your butt in wonder, the most effective remedy is to approach them in the most lovable way. It's the best thing to do rather than do nothing.

Girls are mysterious. But that attribute leads us to know them more and find other opportunities to make them feel loved.

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