45 Untold Lifehacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Sometimes the things that we perceive useless are the ones that can make our life easier. It has been proven by these amazing hacks that are just pure genius using the most common things that we see in our home.

Struggling to pack your clothes? Try this!

Going to the beach? Keeping your small belongings has never been this easy.

Keep your kids safe while sleeping.

Opening a blister pack.

Tiny items lost? Try this!

Give your flip flops a long life through this.

Walnuts are not only for eating. 

Save some space on your cabinet.

Get that annoying permanent market stains off easily.

Short charging chord? Try this.

Pumping up your pillow? Let the sun do the job.

Vinegar isn't only for cooking.

Don't throw your pencil case or sunglasses case away.

Bagel tote? Try this.

Too lazy to hold  a cookbook while cooking? Here's the remedy.

Light 'em up with delicious doritos.

Keeping your emergency money safe.

Too tired to make a list? Get them with one shot!

Struggle is over..

Avoid messing around with paint through this..

It is also good in hiding them away from your pesky kids.

Keeping your cords properly..

See if they can still roll this..

You don't need to cover it up..

Secret charger..

It also saves you space..

Carry them all at once..

No need to buy a new one. Try this..

Avoid that messy bowl...

Brushing won't clean it all. Try this..

No need to buy a new one. Use binder clips instead...

Hair clips are not for hair only.. 

Save your time from dish washing....

This is good if you have a lot of rooms..

When keeping your charger from breaking..

It doesn't need to be always on a box..

This is the answer to your annoying struggle.

Think twice before you throw toilet paper rolls away.

Conscious about your fingernail? Save it.

Nowhere to put these stuffs? Try this.

Filling up your container that doesn't fit the sink.

Toothpaste isn't only for teeth. 

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