My 10 Material Goals for 2015

It's only about 8 days before 2014 officially ends and everyone is looking forward to welcome 2015. When I reminisce about the things that happened to me in 2014, I would say that I am so blessed in a way that goals have been achieved, challenges have been overcame, and some unexpected good stuffs that came.

Looking forward to 2015, another set of goals are set. But this time, I would like to share the material things that I want to acquire as 2015 approaches.

1. High-end gaming computer - Probably number 1 on my list, this would cost me a lot of money but I will do everything to work my a** to get this little, wicked goal that I have been dreaming for quite a long time.

2. Buy my ever loving lady an engagement ring - My fiancee and I are dating for 3 years now and I want to buy her a ring with a surprise advanced wedding proposal. So cheesy right? But the truth is, the things that seem weird for guys are the ones that ladies love.

3. Gaming Console - I don't know what particular gaming console I want to have next year, but will include that on my list. I have a stone age PSP 2000 but that's it. (You can suggest a gaming console by dropping a comment on this post XD)

4. New Android Phone - Samsung, Sony, Asus, I don't know yet. It will depend on the specs of that phone. I would probably go with the one that has a large phone storage for my games :P.

5. Stratocaster guitar with high end amplifier and a set of effect pedals - Another bad-ass goal that will suck up my pocket empty. But as a part musician, this would cost nothing compare to the convenience of having your own gear.

6. Buy a new domain for my next blog - I am now on a process of launching a new blog next year and hopefully would find a nice and cheap domain.

7. New set of clothes and a pair of shoes - To be honest I can't remember the last time I bought my own clothes and shoes. Most of them were handed over to me. So I included it on my list.

8. New closet clothing - A new set of clothes and shoes should come with a new closet. I haven't change my closet since the stone age and I think it's time to come ouf of the cave and be civilized a little bit. lol.

9. RPG games with high graphic requirements - I almost forgot to include these on my list. I am a hardcore gamer and I always dream of playing the best RPG games on earth. That's the reason why I want a high-end gaming PC on top of my list.

10. Get a new hotdog pillow - For the benefit of my readers, I have an old hotdog pillow that I love to hug while sleeping and is way older than me (I'm 25). And my poor pillow is now getting to the point where its intestines are coming out and smells like sh*t (hasn't been washed for almost half a decade).

So there you go, my 10 material goals for 2015.

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