This Is What Those Movies Looked Like Before Visual Effects Were Added

Visual Effects truly changed the face of movie industry with today's latest and sophisticated technology. Long gone are the days where filmmakers were struggling to find ways on how they can make good quality movies without sacrificing the quality of visual effects. Today, what visual effect artists can do to a movie will surely blow other movies from the past. Take a look at these recent blockbuster movies and what they looked like before and after VFX were added.

The Avengers

The avengers before and after
Released in 2012, The Avengers was the highest grossing movie in 2012 with a worldwide gross of $1,518,594,910. And the thing that made this movie worth watching is the characters, it's the VFX.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Rise of the planet of the apes before and after
There were folks from different movie websites asking if filmmakers used real gorillas on this movie or not. Well, the answer is NO. It may look like a real animal, but it's a result of pure VFX genius stuff.

Life of PI

Remember the movie that tells the story between a young survivor and a fearsome Bengal tiger? For sure people would be disappointed had they knew that filmmakers used a stuff toy rather than a real tiger. The movie made a staggering $609,006,177 in worldwide gross sales.

Godzilla 2014

He was once a fearsome monster that used to scare people. Now this ferocious beast saves the humanity by fighting some bad-ass creatures who bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance. The only thing that will make this movie a blockbuster is the VFX, and that exactly was filmmakers did resulting to $508,176,069 in worldwide gross revenue.

Robocop 2014

A remake of 1987 robocop movie was far different from the first one. Thanks to the power of VFX artists who applied great visual effects that made this movie one of most favorites in 2014.


A  dystopian science fiction action thriller film starring Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, and Sharlto Copley. If people believe that no one can make a man-made planet, the visual effects of this movie will surely prove them wrong.

Ender's Game

A battle between the human race and the Formics (genocidal alien race which nearly annihilated the human race), this movie took visual effects to the limit.

The Wolverine

Kids loved wolverine from the traditional X-men cartoon series back in the 90's. And because of superb visual effects, those shiny blades that pop out of his fists came to life and made Wolverine one of the most recognizable movies in the world.

A Good Day to Die Hard

Father and son team up action movie that looks like a traditional action film. Little do the fans know that majority of the action scenes from this film was made through visual effects.

The Monuments Men

A world war II movie that tells the story of a mission to search for stolen art artifacts and return them to their respective owners. Did museums allowed the filmmakers to borrow the artifacts used in this film? Of course not! That's where visual effects took place.

300: Rise of an Empire

Another movie that took visual effects to the limit. Most of the scenes of this film were shot on the studio using advance and sophisticated visual effects technology.

Source: Viral Nova
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