Reasons Why More Singles Do not Use Online Dating Websites

Internet has already proven its boundless capability to connect people around the world. With the use of social networking sites, apps, and other websites that offer access to meet different people, you have a good chance of meeting new friends online - or your lifetime partner through online dating sites. Many people choose to participate in online dating hoping that they will find the man/woman that will be with them for the rest of their lives.

While there are some who find success in online dating, there are still many singles who choose not to join because of some reasons:

The product will never live up to the advertising

You never lied anything about yourself, the pictures you uploaded were the recent ones, you have a good description of yourself, and yet you didn't find the man/woman of your life. What went wrong? The truth is, the person you uploaded on the internet will never live up to the promise of the one in real life. No man/woman on any dating site will ever include how stupid and dumb they are on their description because that would be a big X to their matches and will never get invites or messages from their respective prospects. It's just like the burger in the fast food commercial rarely resembles the thing you get in the drive-through. In short, No matter what your intentions, you cannot convey exactly who you are through the internet.

"We met online" is the worst love story ever

You meet a person on a dating site, get married, and have kids. Then they ask you to tell your love story to them. How would you explain that meeting and marrying someone that comes from a random world of internet is a great love story?

Social Stigma

Online dating's reputation has skyrocketed since early 2000s. Despite of this, online dating is always seen by many folks as the only way for lonely, desperate, overweight, and possibly pedophilic people living in their parents' basements to get laid.

Lack of well educated people

People lie about who they are and about their looks. That's the main problem in using online dating sites. As stated in point number 1, most dating site users describe themselves differently in order not to get rejected. Sure you will meet some people with very attractive descriptions on their profiles only to know that they are complete scumbags.

"I don't want to meet poorly desperate people"

One folk from a popular social networking site said that most of online dating site users are desperate. Most of them came from a fresh breakup and wanted to meet someone to cover the holes. There are some who are desperate for comfort and that an American boyfriend who will pull her up from a deep sh*t that she's in.

There's no concrete reason why online dating is bad or good. It depends on our decision about dating and the people we desire on an instinctive level. Online dating on a fundamental level is about inputting your criteria and hoping that you tick the boxes of the person that matches this criteria.

It's not the perfect choice to find someone to love because of the severe cons of using online dating. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing as well as matchmakers have existed for a long time and it obviously works for some people and they certainly feel like their 'love' is as romantic and passionate as anyone else's.
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