10 Little Life Goals Before 30

Hitting the Big 3-0 is scary, but before you reach that number, take it easy (or not!). The OMG-I’m-gonna-be-30-soon age bracket are the best times of your life and in between partying and balancing a career, setting life-long objectives can be a blur. If you are having a hard time setting and achieving your goals, take baby steps. Who says you’re rushing, right? Here are 10 small life goals that you can surely achieve before your age ain’t on the calendar no more.

Try to read more books

While you’re at it, why not read the printed word? You’ll be helping bookstores from closing and the publishing industry, too. No matter what your genre is, there’s a book for you. It’s only a matter of reaching for the nearest bookshelf.

Learn how to drink wine

The 20’s is the transitional phase when it comes to drinking alcohol. In your early 20’s, you can chug wine like there’s no tomorrow. By your mid-20’s, you prefer craft beers and cocktails and by late 20’s, you’ll discover wine. Start from cheap wines. Appreciate it and move on to better stuff. It’ll help you during important soirees.

Make dental hygiene part of your beauty routine

The doctor only needs to see you at least twice a year. If you can party every Friday night, how much more for a June and December appointment to keep your smile enchanting as it is?

Visit at least 5 new places

It doesn't always have to be grand (a once a year all-out vacation is acceptable though); start exploring places outside the city or going to libraries or museum in the city during your days off. It will feed your soul.

Have a journal or photographs of your fondest memories with families and friends

Because #alzheimersisreal

Figure out your favorite movies

Remember that time during high school where you are asked to name your fave movies and you just copy other people’s answer because you want to be cool? Well, you are way cooler now than most of your classmates so the task is upon you to set the standard. Just kidding! By now you should have figured out your fave movie, right?

Have a favorite bar or restaurant

Just like goal #4, it doesn’t have to be fancy. It could be the hole in the wall just below your apartment building or the hippest bar in the metro. No matter what, just make sure that they have your comfort foods or drinks and you are on a first-name basis with the waiters...because delivery can be a bitch sometimes.

Learn how to cook the basic food groups

You know subconsciously that Walking Dead is not far from happening so you better learn how to boil eggs or how to swallow broccoli without throwing up. Because you know that the #struggleisreal

Cut your nails every week

Nails don’t cut themselves, you know. Even if you just bite it to distract anxiety, it needs a little pampering, and I know that it’s so lame to do it, but YOU HAVE TO CUT YOUR NAILS. Or you can just intentionally chip it.

Not pick your nose in public

Why do the most un-sexually orgasmic things in life involve gross things? Well, keep your hands where they should be and stop picking your nose in public. Here’s a tip, while in the shower, clean your nose and always bring a handkerchief or tissue. It will make your life easier. 

These are just small goals in life (you don’t have to achieve these before 30’s) and a human with a full working brain and body can do these. The key is consistency. If you find it hard to read a book, you can always start reading blogs, right? 

What are your short-term life goals? Tell us!

Cory Josue writes about what she does on weekends and everything else in between. She is also one of the major contributors at Vibe Best. You can find her rants and musings at www.forgeee.blogspot.com. Follow her on Instagram @coryjosue
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