Poll: How Helpful is "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman" Video by Hollabacks!?

In the past few days, a video that was released by Hollaback! became viral and has drawn different reactions from netizens around the world especially in the United States. The video, which entitles "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman" got approximately 20 million hits in Youtube. It also became the hottest subject for debate in street harassment where netizens share different views in regard with the general message of the video and how the video was made.

The video is intended to spread awareness about street harassment according to the producer. However, netizens found a lot of loopholes and have mixed emotions about the clip. A video released by Red Pill Philosophy states that Hollaback!'s claim on the video is stupid and that saying "hello" and "have a nice day" to a woman is not a form of harassment, contrary to what Hollaback!'s claim on the video. Red Pill Philosophy also noticed the like and dislike buttons are disabled making it hard to know how helpful the video is.

In lieu of this, Vibe Best is conducting a poll to know your general reaction to the video. We will be asking a few questions about the presentation. Please don't forget to watch the video before answering the poll.

Note: If you think the poll is not working properly, you can contact us @ vibebest@gmail.com

Do you like the Video?
Not Sure
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Do you think it represents the whole case of street harassment?
I don't know
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Is the video really beneficial?
Not sure
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From 1 to 5, how would rate the video? (1 highest, 5 lowest)
None of the Above
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What is your general view about Hollaback!'s video presentation?
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The poll will last until November 7, 2014. We will publish the breakdown of the result on November 10, 2014.

If you have additional remarks on the video, you can send them to vibebest@gmail.com. Share this and help us spread the word!

Webmaster's Note: This poll is not for the purpose of inflicting inapropriate insights to the video and the producer. This is only for informational purposes.
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