16 New Funny Fail GIFs That will Make Your Day

Over the past few months, people were viewing the same funny GIFs on the web. Vibe Best decided to search for new GIFs that will make our viewers laugh every time they see them. That said, here are the new 14 funny fail GIFs that will make your day!

He wanted to do more but then...

This poor guy

He's now aware that flying isn't that easy

This guy probably underestimated this cute, hot lady

This guy won't probably try kite surfing again

Lesson learned: don't mess with waves

Now, that's probably not a good idea

"I've got a birthday present for you...."

Shaolin Soccer in reality

Optimus Prime left something bothering...

The reason why people love Japanese pranks

Parkour fail

Third world problem

"This is the deepest river in Russia and I'm the best swimmer ever..."

"I'm gonna send this to my lover...Oh Sh*t!"

Alright babe, you can do it. Oh F*ck!

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