14 Hilarious Girlfriend Logic Every Man Should Understand in a Relationship

One of the best statements I heard about guys and girls was "women aren't complicated, men are just simple." And I would say I'm kind of agree with that because of the reason that girls and guys are naturally born different and there are some things that both men and women will never agree on - especially on girl's logic.

In a relationship, women have the most complicated and weird logic that sometimes annoy men. One of the most common is that they always find something wrong in our statements especially when doing arguments. Everything we men say is a start of new argument. We have no choice but to understand them or the relationship will pay the price. That said, Here are the 14 most common girlfriend logic that we should understand:

1. Men are all the same

Girlfriend logic men are all the same
Before we get carried away by this statement, let's think first that they actually heard that to other women or read that somewhere else or they have nothing to say and that argument is really pointless. Instead of rebutting, let's just be quite and grab some pop corn and wait until the war is over.

2. Posting pictures on Social Media Accounts

First of all, most girls want their pictures to be seen on their boyfriends' social media accounts. Be it solo or with their partners. But in my experience, she wants to see our pictures on my social media accounts. It's not that they want to boast anything or what; they are just born that way. I can say that it's part of their needs to know that they are being recognized by the ones they love.

3. Equality

In short, be a "gentleman" and "be nice to her no matter what". Yes they mean it. Girls really want to be treated in a good way no matter what happens. But sometimes they are not aware of their limits. I think this is a measure of will if we can stand our grounds in a situation where our girlfriends are trying to break into our territories especially if they want to win an argument. We cannot let our lady walk all over us and then regret it later. Let's be clear that rebuking them doesn't really mean that we are not treating them nice. Sometimes they need to learn the hard way.

4. Preparing for a date

First off, most girls want to dress up depending on the occasion. They are so sensitive on whatever they put on their body especially if they are going to date their partners. Well, if this is for a date, we should be thankful guys because the long hours in the shower, ages of putting a make up, and never-ending change of clothes are their ways to look beautiful to please us.

5. When asking what to eat

Okay so I know most of us have been in a situation where our girlfriends kept asking us what to eat and ended up having the food of their choice. Here is my advice: as much as possible, don't let your lady ask you what to eat for dinner. If they insist, just think of their favorite food. Most of the time they are expecting us to say something that has already been on their mind.

6. Compliment

Girls love compliments. Period. Whether or not you are telling her the truth, they love compliments. If you don't want to start a bloody war between you and her, you better start saying good things to her even if she's thinking negative about herself. Sometimes it helps boosting her confidence.

7. When everything seems okay but...

This is perhaps one of the trickiest parts in dealing with our girlfriend's logic in a relationship. And I think majority of men deal with this weird  behavior. What I do most of the time is I don't repeat my question if she's okay or not once I smell something is going to get creepy in just a matter of seconds. I get straight to the point and ask her what made her act like that. Another thing is, when a girl says nothing is wrong, that means everything is wrong; but when she says everything wrong, you should brace for impact because that means everything is wrong.  Mood swings are kind of normal to all girls. Most of the time, they are just waiting for us to show our tenderness and care for them.

8. When she says "go" or "yes". 

We all know this: whenever she says yes, that's an opposite of what she really means. Same with other things. When you are about to do something, or you want to go somewhere else and you ask permission from her, you better listen carefully to her tone whenever she says "yes" or "no". We can sense if we have to abort the mission or suffer the wrath of her anger.

9. "Do what you want" - You'll pay for it later

Same with number 8? Sort of. But this is quite a different scenario. On number 8, when girls say yes, it means no. This time, if they say "do whatever you want", they mean it. They do want you to do whatever things you want. But you will surely suffer the consequences of your actions later on. I must admit I encounter this a lot of times. This is the best time for us men to keep quite especially if she is saying those words in the middle of an argument. Or, we can agree. But don't do it. Let her wait for ages. It will surely pass and you'll be best vibes again.

10. Whenever they want to prove something during arguments

It's not that girls' arguments are pointless. Not all the time. But most of the time. And based on my experience, we can do little to nothing about it. When girls get angry, they will do whatever it takes to pull out something against you. When that happens, take this advice given by a folk from Yahoo! Answers - " Don't take her seriously. Laugh at every point she deems serious in nature. Fart, if possible. Derail her emotional train."

11. When you refuse to do 1 out of her 100 requests

I have read a lot of blogs that talks about girlfriend logic and majority of them have the same conclusion: women are selfish creatures. Whether it is true or not, I think they just don’t realize that they are acting selfish at the expense of their partner. It might help both of you if you will try to make her realize of her selfish deeds. Of course in a clever way. You might also want to work it out gradually to avoid worsening the situation. Do your best to make it very clear to her that you care for her and the things she loves, but make her realize that you have priorities that need to be taken care of.

12. When you haven't texted her for 5 minutes

My lady doesn't tell me that I'm cheating on her whenever I did not send a text message to her in a matter of minutes. What always happens to her is that her mood changes very quickly because of the delayed text messages. If you think your girlfriend suspects you are cheating on her, try to initiate a conversation to find out if there's something bothering her.

13. They wait for the guy to make the first move

One of the most common girlfriend logic that we men encounter from our partners. More often than not, girls don't make the first move. As mentioned on the preceding post, they want to know that they are being recognized by their partner. I find it effective if you make the first move in greeting her by any means and then follow it up by telling her that you have important things to do and will be offline for few hours.

14. They want super-targeted, specific answers

Girls tend to pay so much attention on the words you use whenever you talk to them. They are very sensitive about the words they hear especially from the their partner. One inappropriate word and the whole argument will explode. Be specific. If she asks you if you love her, use every sweet word the dictionary has to offer and you will surely be on the right track.

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